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Separating myself as a leader


Q What do you like most about your daily work?

A I’m a project manager for various assignments, so I have a broad
perspective of industry trends and different technologies. I think my favorite part of my job is having the opportunity to build really cool applications and design sets that I’ve never seen anywhere else. It’s a true thrill to spend every day developing new technologies.

Q What surprised you most when you first joined GE?

A I was struck by how global this corporation really is, and I was impressed by the ways in which GE has revolutionized the idea of telepresence work. In my current role, I run development teams in Mexico and India: I’ll probably never meet these people, but because of how interconnected and well-structured GE is, I’m able to work with them on a daily basis.

Q What did you expect to learn in your internship?

A I was looking for a challenging opportunity to separate myself as a leader and grow as an individual. I didn’t want busy work; I really wanted work that would have an impact. The internship at GE exceeded my expectations: I can honestly say that the projects I’ve worked on have made a real difference in this corporation, which is not something many people can say about their college internships.

Q What were some of the projects you’ve worked on?

A During my first internship, I was able to help build and launch Windows 7, working a lot with upper management to ensure that it was a really cool and innovative product. Another project involved developing the applications that enable our employees to access work email and internal information on their cell phones. In both of these cases, I personally helped build the applications and launch the products that we currently use every day.

Q How was the transition from intern to full-time employee in the ITLP?

A When I returned to GE as a fulltime employee, I was actually surprised at how little had changed. As an intern, I was challenged and had to meet deliverables – I was treated as though I was already a full-time employee. Moving to a full-time role in the ITLP was really just about taking the next step and further developing my leadership skills.

Q Who would fit in at GE?

A I’ve worked at GE in three different cities–Cincinnati, Albany, and Fairfield— and I have noticed a striking similarity among GE employees. Every person I’ve encountered at GE is someone who loves to be challenged, loves to succeed, and is always willing to help. GE is a team and we are all fighting for the goals that will make this corporation better