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The constant push for self-improvement is rewarding



I’ve joined GE as part of the acquisition of Vetco Gray. And I joined Vetco Gray as soon as I finished my Drilling & Production 4 year Course at the INP – National Institute of Petroleum, in 2004.

I’m currently working as Lead Services Subsea Project Manager in Angola. I am also an Ombudsperson for Angola since 2013.

I joined GE when it bought Vetco Gray. However, I joined Vetco Gray at the time due to the Subsea Technology that was presented to me. During all my 4 years at school, most of the specialty connectors, valves and wellheads I was exposed to, were Vetco Gray. Vetco has always been a reliable brand for the oil industry.

I think I posses the GE trait of being a clear thinker because of the nature of our business: the oil industry is a very dynamic environment to work in. There’s a constant push to keep all projects within schedule & safe and at the same time there’s a need to be focused on the quality & scope requirements whilst also being able communicate information effectively to all stakeholders.

The constant push for self-improvement is rewarding. GE puts a big emphasis on the development of self and the need to proactively to identify our development needs and look at them as opportunities to grow and improve. At GE, learning & self-development is a must as the business needs leaders capable of dealing with the ever changing world and with courage to be trailblazers.

About the Author

Years at GE: 8 years

Expertise: Drilling & Production Technology; Subsea Drilling and Production Equipment, Project Management

Job Description

As a Lead Project Manager I deal with: - Review Cost reports; - Create the OP plan for my department; - Create & capture new operations to generate more revenue from various projects; - Attend and participate in all QMI weekly meetings with Finances; - Participate on Chevron KPI meetings & drive KPIs and Customer issues resolution; - Create Scope of Work for Customer Owned Equipment refurbishment & procedures.


Play acoustic guitar; Audio Recording, Mixing & Mastering; Reading books (Economics, History, Sociology, and Business related books)